We specialise in large and domestic gardens

Above:  We specialise in large and domestic gardens

We specialise in corporate and large domestic gardens, but small gardens remain our gym where we perform gardening skills meticulously.  In a small garden nothing goes wasted if it comes to creating atmosphere and meaning.

Our forte is introducing rocks into a garden or park by understanding the meaning every rock spells out, reading its writing correctly and positioning it according to its language.  Laid into every rock are centuries gone by. 

Introduced into the garden as a focal point it transcends the brittleness of time.

Our first concern is to cut down on maintenance and every garden is designed according to the owners’ maintenance resources.  A free consultation’s aim is to interview the owner so as to discern his priorities, likes and dislikes. 

Thereafter it is our task to create a garden of beauty and quiet to his/her satisfaction.

To keep in touch with the grass roots of gardening we are interested in maintenance and skilled labourers under professional guidance fulfill these needs.