After my marriage to a farmer in the area between Heidelberg and Swellendam on the Garden Route, I received valuable training as a landscaper by changing the face of the earth around the homestead.

I sculpted two hectares of land into a private parklike garden comprising a green and a tee where a keen golfer could practice his short play.  The green was the only green patch in summer, because there was no water available for irrigation.

Above:  Sculpted Garden with Putting Range

This garden has grown into maturity without an automatic irrigation system. 

After the Duivenhoks -dam had been built supplying water to the Ruêns area, we were enabled to make use of three taps which could feed hose pipes.

Even where there is a scarcity of water plants can form a lush environment by skillfully selecting plants and trees adapted to survive harsh circumstances.. 

I focused on using green suggesting growth and life .Rocks in the foothills were transported to my developing garden, and soon interesting dry river beds and a meandering stream were focal points.   Soon I spread my wings, landscaping extensive farm gardens down the garden route.  I started writing garden articles for all leading magazines in South Africa.  For more then twenty years I was a regular contributor to Sarie, Landbouweekblad, Rooi Rose and South African Garden and Home.  My search for interesting garden features took me all over the country and twice I went on a study tour to Europe and the UK where I spent valuable weeks attending garden lectures and meeting horticulturists working in Kew and Mainau.

I was greatly influenced by John Brookes whose lectures I attended.

When the Minister of Agriculture, Kraai van Niekerk, commissioned me to landscape his town garden at Stellenbosch, I started off landscaping professionally.

Gardens are the umbilical cord that ties...

Above:  Gardens are the umbilical cord that ties...

The garden is the umbilical cord that ties us to our lost paradise and whether it is a small patch, a balcony garden , container garden or an extensive stretch of land, I want to change it into something spelling out meaning, regaining the lost paradise where we shall stroll along , breathing scented leaves, feeling nature’ s coolness caressing our brow...  Restoring a close relationship with Nature is my vision.

I gave lectures and garden talks countrywide and landscaped gardens so far as Namibia and Richards Bay.  After we settled in Greenways, Strand I seriously got involved in landscaping and my landscaping company Mariénne Uys – Landscaping cc.  was formed.  Soon after Top Billing featured my gardens in the Somerset-West area in a lengthy program on T.V.

We extensively established gardens in the Cape peninsula, including Llandudno and Camps Bay , Paarl, Stellenbosh, Durbanville, Strand and Somerset West.  The entrance and open parks in Somerset Heights, Boskloof drive, Somerset West were designed and landscaped by us, as well as Blue Crane and Silver Fox.  We did the landscaping for various other developments as well as large water features in private gardens in Erinvale , Somerset West.  Top of the range is the large domestic garden s we landscaped for the Hertzog-family in Paarl and the garden in Somerset West commissioned by the late George Huysamer.